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The second stage of healing is in our DNA and ancestral lines

Today I want to talk briefly about the second stage of our healing journey, healing our wounds on a family, ancestral level. I found ancestral work during an Allergy Antidotes workshop when one of the participants talked about hidden family loyalties contributing to chronic allergies. You know the feeling when you find something and it opens an entirely new perspective for you, sort of like unlocking a new level on a video game you enjoy or stumbling upon a quaint, cobble-stoned street to explore. That’s how I felt when I heard about Family Constellations.

Working with the family matrix using EFT and principles of Family Constellations brings relief to issues that feel personal but are in fact rooted in our genetic memories. How do you know it might be a Family Energetics issue?

  • You’ve been working on it and it hasn’t changed
  • The intensity feels much bigger than the situation warrants
  • You feel confused with no clear way forward
  • It’s a family pattern



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Deborah Donndelinger

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