Healing yourself, loving the world


The Basics

Any confidential information given will be kept in strict confidence.

Deborah is not a licensed therapist or mental health professional and offers her services as a personal performance coach. While EFT has substantial results and is being evaluated in numerous studies, it is still considered a personal performance tool. Working with Deb does not replace nor substitute for medical or mental health care of your qualified health care provider.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, but if something comes up, please let Deb know by texting 410-292-3468 or 410-861–0333 or emailing her at [email protected].

Expectations and Responsibilities

The work we will do together draws from a handful of modalities considered newer to the healing fields. Given the nature of these approaches, I want to ensure that we share expectations and that you feel and stay safe.

While I am responsible for guiding and helping you with the tools, and I will do so with skill and compassion, you are responsible for knowing if this work is appropriate for you.

The work goes deep, is often transformational, and is for people who have already done some healing. If you are a beginner to psycho-spiritual work, please let me know so we can explore if we are a good fit.

I’m not qualified to work with mental illnesses like bipolar, schizophrenia, self-harm, active suicidal thoughts, or clinical depression as I am not a mental health professional nor a medical provider. However, I can work with you on secondary issues if you have a therapist treating you.

Mixed Roles and Dual Relationships 

It’s generally not a good idea to mix roles. For example, if we’re students together in a program, I can’t be your practitioner. I work with only one person within a family system, so if I’m working with you, I won’t take on other family members until you and I are done.


I’m accredited by EFTi. Their code of ethics is found here. It covers all the expected aspects: I'm bound to maintain confidentiality, act with integrity and professionalism, and hold your best interests in mind throughout our work together. 

EFT Boundaries

To read more about EFT (tapping), please visit the founder’s site at emofree.com.

IFS Boundaries 

To read more about IFS (integrated family systems aka parts work), please visit the founder’s site.

Thank you.