2015 Spring Energy Event

Healing yourself, loving the world

Hello my friends,

I am just back from the 2015 Spring Energy Event – and wow!  What a powerhouse gathering.  I have so many notes, ideas, and insights to share with everyone.  I will be writing about it all over the next month or so. So stay tuned!

One of the most striking experiences for me was taking my teen daughter with me.  I didn’t want to go alone and I needed help with my presentation slides, so I invited my 14-year-old daughter. Watching her interact with the adults at the gathering was heart-warming.  She’s a lovely and gentle person and people saw that and welcomed her.  I received compliments on how well she’s doing and what a good mom I am.

I can’t take credit for who she is … that’s hers. However, I can take credit for making choices that let me meet my children’s needs with love and compassion and give them space to be themselves. Seeing her interact with everyone and their feedback reminded me of what I value about my relationship with my children and the decisions I’ve made these last 16 years.

I saw how her presence at the gathering added this energy of hope and grace.  It also prompted many conversations about our own experiences growing up and where we were thwarted or supported. Her presence had a positive impact on the gathering, as did every single person there.

So let me end this post with a heartfelt thank you to everyone at the gathering. Jondi Whitis is committed to building a community of energy practitioners and she’s doing it.  This was my third year attending and to see familiar faces and meet new people was a delight.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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