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I am not a homeopath. If you are looking for a professional who uses Banerji, check out Christina Villacorta here. I don’t know anyone else who uses their work. Sorry about that.

The Banerji protocols, a new paradigm in homeopathy

I use homeopathy for my family for most acute situations. I’ve been studying it since around 2002. I have worked with professional classical homeopaths for constitutional care for my family at various times.

The Banerji Protocols caught my eye in early 2015 and this is what I had to say.

I’ve recently been exploring a variation of homeopathy that comes out of India.  I’ve used some of their acutes combinations with good results.

Banerji protocols

Dr’s Banerji have been operating their practice and clinic over several generations for 140 years, treating large numbers of people,  tracking results and refining what works.  They are reducing the case taking time (a huge stumbling block for many would-be users) and using allopathic diagnostic tests to help (not available in  Hahnemann’s time.)

What appeals to me, and probably others, is how clear their recommendations are. They published a book in 2013 that’s now available on Amazon at 1/2 the price I paid for it!  Listing on amazon is here.

I’ve been a fan of water dosing and classical homeopathy so this is pushing my comfort a bit to consider combination and prescribed remedies. However their history, data collection, and results are outstanding in both cancer and other serious illnesses receiving international attention by serious health organizations.  They are well worth exploring if you are at all interested.

“At present our patient database has more than 20,000 cases inputted with over a half a million visits recorded.” ~ Banerji Research Foundation

Acute care, easier to  use than most

For us moms and home practitioners, the good news is that the foundation is quite generous with sharing their information.  Here is their acute remedy page. The cold suggestion is top of the page.

Banerji protocols references

  • Dr. Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation
  • Christina Villacorta website
  • I used to recommend Joette Calabrese but her stance towards COVID and vaccines has left me a bit unsettled. Her homeopathy is sound, her political views less so.

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