“I love who I am”

Healing yourself, loving the world

I was quite surprised to hear the words “I love who I am” coming out of my mouth this past week as I was talking with a client.  We were talking about human design.

I learned about design about seven or eight years ago from Marian Mills (now Marian May.) We were both moderators on the emofree EFT forums and she mentioned it to me in a message. I looked into it at the time but didn’t really get a huge “yes” let’s investigate.

About a year later I got the impulse to investigate more. Imagine my surprise when I was on the phone talking with a friend and colleague Sunday Coté, and she mentioned she had heard of this thing called human design. That began many conversations, learning, processing, and sharing with others.

Apparent contradictions

I have been told I have a tough chart. I have a lot of apparent contradictions. I have the channel of struggle and the gate of shock but also have channels of nourishing and storytelling.  I like to feel secure and safe but take great leaps of growth at the same time.

I’m extremely selective about with whom I interact, but I’m designed to be incredibly responsive to whom I’m around. I’ve got a lot of mental energy to define and categorize and organize information, but I’ve got the ability to be incredibly intuitive in a mystical way.

I’m a walking ball of apparent contradictions that actually are this most amazing and satisfying blend of energies when I can give myself a break for who I am and ease up on the judgment and preconception about who I should be.

Understanding human design opens the way to being more compassionate towards myself and others. And yes it’s ironic I know … the structure of a model brings freedom.

Accepting ourselves

I use human design with many of my clients.  Some come to me for life coaching based on their chart.  We often end up using EFT to address some of what is uncovered during our talks.  Some come to me for help with specific issues and we start with EFT and then design gives us more answers. I see human design as giving us a blueprint to understand and live as ourselves.  EFT is a tool to deal with the bumps we’ve experienced along the way. Both tools are paths to truly and deeply accept ourselves.  No matter where you are on your journey, if you are reading this post, I recognize your deep desire to know and love yourself.   It is possible to feel comfortable in your own skin, to feel like who you are is okay.   You have already begun.

Learn more

I have a bunch of posts and podcasts on human design or start here on the intro page.

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Deborah Donndelinger

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