Appreciation for tapping

Healing yourself, loving the world

Our healing journey

I’ve been thinking a lot about the healing journey I’ve been on and the journey I see in others.  There are five parts I’m noticing, the first four I can name — the fifth is unknown still! I hope to touch on each of these over a few blog posts.

The five stages of our journey

  1. Heal our wounds on a personal level
  2. Heal our wounds on a family ancestral level
  3. Understand ourselves and our gifts and role in the world
  4. Understand and participate in the larger, collective evolution from fear to love
  5. ???

Heal our wounds on a personal level

Even before I started using tapping for myself and sharing tapping with others, I had this deep thirst to feel better, this drive to free myself from the wounds and losses of my younger years. I had already been in therapy and doing self-work for years. I wanted to fix myself, and rightfully so. I was carrying a lot of stress and stored trauma in my body. While I wasn’t really broken, I was healing what had been hurt.  I’m immensely grateful for the tool of EFT/tapping and its ability to gently and permanently change the impact of stressful, traumatic experiences.

When I started my healing journey, I felt like my heart-space was a deep pit of black despair that would never end …. it was incredibly challenging and painful to face and took a lot of courage on my part with help and wisdom from others.  Now, I feel love, connection, discernment, and wisdom in this warm, expansive, endless place that feels like home.

But I didn’t get there just with tapping.  During my time with tapping, I came across Family Constellations, which brought yet a whole other level of freedom ….

I will write about that in the next post …

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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