Three stages of knowing ourselves

Healing yourself, loving the world

You have a unique energy you transmit to the world. Imagine it as pure love and energy that pours out of your heart-space. When you’re feeling aligned and centered, you radiate a signal that awakens in others their potential. And vice versa. We help each other become better.

Different models like Human Design, Gene Keys, Enneagram, and yes even Myers Briggs Type, give you clues to this unique energy that is you. However, only you truly know what message your heart energy is transmitting and awakening in others.

Think of this heart-signal as the synergy of your soul’s purpose shining through your life’s experiences. Can you feel the power, the potential, and the absolute stunning beauty of your heart-light?

Most people undertake a three-stage journey in relationship to their heart-signal.

Life has hurt you

Life has hurt you, and you aren’t paying attention to your heart-signal yet. You’re still recovering, reorienting, and finding your sense of wholeness. But deep inside, you hold hope for more, and you take one step at a time to heal. This is where tapping is a powerful, compassionate help.

You begin to realize your gifts

You are starting to reveal your gifts and uniqueness, but you aren’t quite sure of the landscape yet. For some people, exploring models like the Enneagram, Human Design, and Gene Keys helps you see how you are unique and what you bring to the table. Yet, you are still tentative and doubt yourselves at times. This is why I love working with models; they give you a structure as you strengthen your sense of self. Here’s a post called The Best Part of the Story where I touch on the beautiful gift found in each Enneagram-type.

When you are struggling with aspects of your life and are feeling stuck, it’s like you are playing tug-of-war with yourself, who you think you should be battling who you actually are. Compassionate models help you see the gifts in yourself that you hadn’t even considered. It’s like you’re shopping in one small section of the store, turn the corner, and realize there are a dozen more areas you’d never even considered.

You begin to truly delight in yourself

You reach the third stage of your journey when you have a sense of the gifts you offer and the essence you transmit; there’s an ever-expanding sense of exploration, insight, and delight as you uncover more and more of yourself. It’s like a box of chocolates, and you know exactly which one is your favorite, and every time you taste it, it’s better than you remember.

So, I have a question. When you think of your soul’s purpose, your heart-light, what do you notice?  Can you feel it shining brightly? Or does it feel a bit squished? What do you need to embrace it more?  Some healing of the past, some new insights into what’s possible, or some support in loving yourself? Whatever you notice, know that you have a unique and delightful heart-signal that wants to shine brightly, and I’m rooting for you to know this!

This week’s podcast is on this very subject!  Find it here.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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