Intuitive doesn’t mean flakey

Healing yourself, loving the world

I am lucky. I have a very active and smart brain. I can dissect a problem, plan it, map it, set criteria, and prioritize it – you get the idea.

I am also lucky in that I have a very strong intuition.  I also can have a sense of something, a deep insight, that has a truth to it that my brain would have never realized.

But being intuitive doesn’t mean I don’t use my mind.  Being intuitive doesn’t mean I ignore my mental fears or doubt. Mental fears or doubt often have a nugget of truth that will contribute to the creation of a solution.  They point the way to a part of the problem that hasn’t been fully addressed.

Likewise, having mental fears and doubts doesn’t mean I need to ignore my intuition.  There’s always an element of truth in the worry or concern.  When we see it, we are then free to explore many options and avenues.

There is a delicious dance when we know how to work with all parts of our process.

It’s the core triad of the Enneagram – heart, body and mind.  The representation of individual, group, and divine found in Gene Keys, the different intelligences found in the Human Design body graph.

Our evolution can be described pretty simply.

  1. Understanding and accepting our unique forms of intelligence.
  2. Expanding into accepting and seeing others’ unique forms of intelligence.
  3. Working together to create something far greater than what we can do individually.

Photo by Derek Truninger

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

I'm writing from Maryland, but my heart goes out all over the world. I'm cheering you on as you tackle the hard stuff, embrace the easy, and show up to help others.