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Yay, I’m very pleased.  The book I use for homeopathic “prescribing” is now in Kindle form.  My first go-to book has been the paperback 1997 edition of Dr Ullman’s book Homeopathic Self-Care.  But it’s a bit big, and I don’t always remember to take it traveling.  I double-checked Amazon and sure enough – it’s now a kindle book.  Very helpful indeed.

Keeping resourced

Everyone has their own favorite references I know.  My top four references are:

Keeping it real

The reason I remembered to look for their book in Kindle form is that I was looking up measles protocols.  My family and I are traveling soon and I wanted to make sure I had the right remedies in the very small chance we are exposed and develop symptoms.    After all the media hype about the measles outbreaks, it was a breath of fresh air to read the recommended remedies and to know I am well equipped to handle things my way.  🙂

Stay healthy everyone!

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