The kitty and the rope

Healing yourself, loving the world

I saw a video recently of a young, soaking-wet, scared young cat stuck in a water easement.  Someone unseen gently and carefully lowers a rope to save her. The young cat knows what to do!  She tentatively holds onto the rope and is pulled to safety.

This is such a great metaphor for what I want to talk about today, being vulnerable while tapping and creating safety with the structure of tapping.

When we tap for ourselves, we are holding two roles. We are both the wise guide leaning on the strength and relief found in tapping and the vulnerable self that’s feeling stress or unease. Sometimes we can do this quite well; other times we need to consciously rely on an external structure so we can both feel safe and also access the vulnerability.

What do I mean by structure? I mean following an approach that gives us a container to explore.  This might include:

  • Journaling and then tapping
  • Picture tapping
  • Working with someone else
  • Being disciplined and only tapping on one aspect at a time

In this week’s podcast, I talk a bit more about this. I invite you to listen as I cover a lot of key but nuanced points about tapping safely and effectively. Listen here.

Bottonline is that I want you to find relief and there are many ways to do that with tapping.

Photo by Steve Wiesner

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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