2018 Spring Energy Event

Healing yourself, loving the world


I attended the 2018 Spring Energy Event this past weekend, held in the greater NYC area, organized by Jondi Whitis.  Two and a half days of being with other EFT colleagues, psychologists, and energy healers.  The days were packed full of connecting conversations, not to mention the wide variety of material and information shared.  The effects of the gathering will last long into the year for me, helping me organize, focus, feel my inspiration, and connect into the matrix of energy healing professionals.

If you are interested in getting on Jondi’s mailing list for the event, the site is springenergyevent.com.

Clinical research shows positive effects

Dr. Peta Stapleton presented on the EFT research.  She’s associated with Bonds University and is the world’s top EFT researcher, backed by her university and top-notch clinical and ethical standards.  The takeaway from her talk is that there is plenty of research showing that EFT has a positive effect on the body and brain over time.  Bottom line is that tapping works and more and more studies are showing the physical benefits of tapping.  I’m re-inspired to add more daily tapping into my routine.

Here is an interview by Gene Monterastelli with Peta if you are interested in more information.

Let the tapping do the work

Gwyneth Moss often reminds us to let the tapping do the work.  In a private conversation with a long time EFT trainer who learned with both Gary Craig and then later with Tina Craig, I was reminded of the power of staying detailed, taking one aspect at a time, and letting the tapping do the work.  The foundations of the shortcut recipe, adding in the nine-gamut once in a while, and using specific language are time-tested, and all we need.

Tapping is current

At the end of the gathering, Jondi led us in some powerful, heart-felt surrogate tapping for two community members.  I’ve long advocated at these gatherings that we use our collective energy together to do some good, and this surrogate tapping was a prime example.  Likewise, a family member had a traumatic experience over the weekend, and we talked and tapped together within a few hours of the experience.

Tapping is not just for helping others heal the past, it’s also for right-now, what’s happening in our lives today.

Thank you

Finally, a giant thank you to everyone who reads, taps, meditates, considers, and shows up in a meaningful, curious way.  We each are playing a part in creating a wonderful world where everyone feels safe, loved, and expresses who they are.

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