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Healing yourself, loving the world

Being Yourself

Using insights from human design, type, and the Enneagram, these audios help you appreciate your strengths and understand others' differences.


These tapping audios help us during holidays to both heal and also appreciate our family stuff, our personal stuff, and even our ancestral stuff.

Tapping Basics

This collection of audios covers some of the basics of tapping, including how to tap, the benefits of tapping, resistance to tapping, and examples.

Best of

A curated selection of podcasts that are listener favorites on topics such as connection, unease, tapping, intuition, and being yourself.


Intuition and fear are intimately connected. This collection of audios will help you develop a better relationship with your intuition.

Tender Hearted

This collection encourages us to share ourselves with the world, tends to our vulnerabilities, and encourages us to show up with an open heart.


We are social beings, yet sometimes our wounds hinders our relationships. These audios will help you better connect with yourself and others.

Tapping Approaches

These podcasts offer various ways to get better with tapping, explore other ways to tap, tune into yourself more, and achieve better results.


A collection of audios for the times you feel uneasy, unsettled, angry, or resistant. And guess what? You will feel better once you tap.