#METOO from a tapping perspective

Healing yourself, loving the world

Holding the space for collective healing

As the social media hashtag #METOO has been shared by millions of women in the past few days, I’ve been paying attention to my response and also the larger energies. I am incredibly grateful for the tool of EFT as I’ve greatly reduced my own stress response to the topic, and I wish everyone had access to tools that help their bodies process difficult experiences.

As we have less of a triggered response, we can move into the space of creative transformation.  So, if you have already done previous work on your own experiences, this current #METOO experience is an invitation to:

  • Feel your responses, feel the issue, don’t intellectualize it.
  • Notice our experiences without collapsing.
  • Be present for others.
  • Imagine what’s possible.

Holding the space for your own healing

This #METOO campaign is also a great testing tool. By this I mean, it’s a chance to identify any triggers that still have some intensity around.  As we know with the tool of tapping (EFT),  there can be many aspects to tap on and noticing our response can help us do some more work.  For me, I’ve noticed intensity around:

  • They didn’t believe me.
  • The first time someone was inappropriate.
  • The first time I realized I felt unsafe.
  • A few “minor” instances that I’d forgotten about.

Powerful energies and change are in play here.  If you find yourself needing additional support, reach out to a friend, reconnect with an EFT buddy, your EFT practitioner, or someone new.


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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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