Things not to worry about as an unschooler

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Even though the experienced moms told me not to worry, I didn’t quite believe them …

What was I worried about?

My top ten list of unfounded worries during 14 years of attachment parenting, alternative healthcare, and radical unschooling.

In the spirit of supporting other moms, here’s my list of things I wish I had trusted more completely. Because even though I supported my children in all of these areas below, I doubted myself along the way. But perhaps that doubt was a good thing as it led me to learn and grow and trust my own sense of timing as well. Who knows ….

Despite what “they” say

  1. Yes, your child will one day stop breastfeeding, even if left to his own timing.
  2. Yes, your child will sleep through the night when he’s older, again in his own time. In fact he will stay up later than you do, kiss you good night and go to sleep when he’s tired.
  3. And yes, one day your child will still want to cuddle and will also be happy to have his own space and room.
  4. Yes, your child will be comfortable making new friends and leaving your side, in his own time.
  5. No, that homeopathic remedy named Arsenicum won’t poison your child, and yes properly applied homeopathy is a wonderfully safe form of medicine.
  6. No, you and your child don’t need vaccinations if you are working with a holistic practitioner.
  7. And no, your child doesn’t need to see a doctor for a yearly physical.
  8. And yes, it’s possible for a child to never have an ear infection or need antibiotics.
  9. And yes your child can learn how to read without being taught and some kids don’t learn until they are 12 and then they sit down and read a novel in a week..
  10. And yes, your child will surprise you with how resourceful they are.
  11. And finally, yes treating your child with respect and listening to them won’t spoil them or make them selfish; in fact they might look like the most generous, loyal, and loving kids you have ever met.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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