Family Energetics Training 2021

Healing yourself, loving the world

I am running a 10-week Family Energetics course starting in January. I offer this very rarely, so if you are interested, I hope the times and dates work for you. I’ll need 4 people to run it and will cap at 8.

This training is open to people who are already proficient in EFT. You don’t have to be certified, but you do need to have used tapping successfully for yourself.

Family Energetics is my blending of Family Constellations and EFT into techniques you can use with one-on-one clients. It’s a way to bring significant healing from areas often not considered or misunderstood.

We will cover five specific topics and exercises:

Missing children

Healing the effect of lost children, miscarriages, abortions, and missing twins.  Pretty much, you will find missing children at every generation within every family.

Order of Intimate Loves

Addressing your past relationships uncovers areas of tension not often realized. Every person I’ve done this exercise with notices positive changes in how they feel.  Like with all FE work, every relationship is treated with respect, value, and inclusion. This doesn’t mean bad relationships don’t exist, but we can loosen the hold they have on us by including them, not denying them.


Ancestors’ participation in war is another key area to look at. By including both the victims and the perpetrators, we can soften the energy of what happened.  Often it is the grandchildren (you!) who have the energetic space to do the work.


Similar to war, most people don’t know how to address abuse from a systemic perspective.  Hellinger discovered through his group constellations a hidden loyalty often in place with abuse. This area requires the most skill and nuance.

Leaving the homelands

Again, an area that most people don’t know how to address. Looking at the losses and gains from immigration, we can bring in a sense of place and healing.

Dates & Time

Weekly January 27 through March 31

  • Noon to 1:30 EST |  5 pm to 6:30 pm London time | 9 am – 10:30 PST


Week 1: I teach one technique, I demo it, you practice it in pairs during class time.

Week 2: Second pair practices, Q&A on the technique

Repeat for the following 4 techniques.

This is a deep, high participation, high learning experience. You will be doing the work for yourself while also helping others. If you are in a high-stress situation right now or dealing with other events in your life, it probably isn’t a good time.


$497.  $100 deposit now, remaining in two payments Jan 27, Feb 27

Because I’m limiting the numbers, I can’t offer refunds after Jan 15th. I will work with you if something unforeseen comes up – I want to be fair to everyone involved.

Apply here.

Given the advanced nature of this work, I have an application process for participants. No worries – I really want to include you, but do need to know a bit more about you.

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