Healing the shock of 2016

Healing yourself, loving the world

A few hours before the first 2020 US Presidential debate began, I found myself sad, teary, and unsettled. The idea of watching Trump on stage with Biden was triggering.

As I did some tapping, two memories surfaced: the scene of Trump and Clinton on stage in 2016, him stalking her on stage, and the morning after the election waking up to the news that Trump won.

Feeling triggered this month makes sense. When you get closer to an anniversary event, memories re-surface. When there is an end in sight, buried feelings resurface. Anniversary memories and buried feelings are both excellent material for effective tapping.

As you know, when you tap on memories and feelings, they lighten. And what’s left is greater insight and compassion. Often you find clarity about your outer world. When you mourn what you don’t have, you can shift to knowing what you do want.

Those who didn’t vote, those who voted for Trump, those who voted for a third candidate, and those who voted for Clinton, these last four years have felt a bit disorienting.  If you are feeling triggered, I’ve got two resources for you.

In episode #327 of Tapping This Week, I talk about the elements of a traumatic event and do some tapping on 2016 election triggers and hope for 2020.

In episode 4 of the Heart of Healing, we tap on this sense of people being uncared for and unseen by our government and do a powerful intention for a healthy, effective government that addresses more people’s needs.

I hope you find these helpful. Have a great week.

~ Deborah

P.S. If you find yourself needing more support, I have a few openings for one-on-one sessions. When we work together in-depth, you might be surprised how quickly you feel better — lighter and less weighed down by events.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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