42-day juice fast #4

Healing yourself, loving the world

A necessary spiritual reconfiguring about food on a personal level

The final piece that launched this juice fast was my experience in an eight-week course called Awakenings.  Taught by Jessica Dibb of Inspiration Community, it was an experiential exploration of our innate spiritual oneness.  We had a week dedicated to food and nourishment and the insights that week opened the door for me and this fast.  I learned:

  • How to use all the senses in determining whether to eat something or not.  Turns out for me that smell is key.
  • That food is just one form of energy and we can get energy from a wide variety of sources: light, smell, sight, sun, air, water, plants, and so on.
  • That the nourishment we crave from food is often a place holder for spiritual nourishment we crave.
  • That the qualities we’ve entrusted to food are actually qualities we own, crave, desire, and exemplify.
  • That in every moment, we have the ability to be aware and make a choice – a choice about what to eat, what not to eat, whether to be awake or asleep, relaxed or rigid …. you get the idea.
  • That having an enthusiastic guide feels really good for something like this (Hi Ian!).

This fast started during that course and was a choice on a day by day basis.  I didn’t do this fast, this fast was done through me.  When I started to feel deprived, I checked in with these teachings and re-found my grounding.  This fast was about nourishment and choice.  My motivation was to keep in a lighter energetic state for the completion of this course and for a retreat I had last weekend.  So I was dedicated to something more important to me than my immediate satisfaction – I was dedicated to my spiritual growth and freedom.

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Deborah Donndelinger

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