42-day juice fast #3

Healing yourself, loving the world

This is the third post about my current extended juice fast.  My later posts will get to what I actually did, the resources I used and the fast through the eyes of human design.  But first, two important pieces that led to this juice experience.

Remember my favorite M. Scott Peck quote?

“All things are overdetermined. For any single thing of importance there are multiple reasons’.

In my case, there are two specific experiences I want to highlight that led to doing this juice fast.

Finding my simillimum 

Long time readers might remember my love of homeopathy.  My article on homeopathy still generates a lot of comments and interest.  During the challenging time I’ve described previously, I found myself losing hope that homeopathy would help me.  I wasn’t getting any real relief from my homeopathic remedies and I didn’t have a sense that I would. I had been with the same homeopath for seven years but wasn’t sure what to do next.

When a client of mine enthusiastically mentioned a homeopath she was working with, I got an immediate strong response to getting more information.  After a bit of mental hemming and hawing about the commitment and cost, I signed up to work with her and have been in heaven ever since.  She’s absolutely brilliant in her knowledge, her intuition and the systems she uses.  She found my simillimum immediately and the results have been transformative.  While I had been exploring juicing, smoothies, raw food for about a year now, I didn’t have the energy to implement anything dramatic.    The remedy gave me the healing and the opening to undertake the fast.

I’m pretty sure that without the fast I would have lost weight and felt healthier over time – the fast merely jump-started what the remedy was supporting. For me, being on the right remedy (in fact it’s my remedy for life!) provided part of the opening to release all this weight and restore myself to health.

And to be clear, for many, juice fasting does the same thing – provides a fast-track path to health.  And it’s a little easier to do a 30-day juice fast than it is to find and work with a skilled homeopath.  I just want to be completely transparent and let folks know that homeopathy was key to my being ready for a juice fast.   If you respond to this, you can explore the role of homeopathy in your healing path.  And there are many other amazing healing modalities that can support you including juicing itself!

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