42-day juice fast #6

Healing yourself, loving the world

My previous posts have outlined the journey for me up to this point.  I included the background part of my story in those posts because there is a strong spiritual nourishment piece for me around this fast. And I want to be incredibly clear that what worked for me is just the expression of my energy.  Each of us has the ability to tap into our own intuition and find our own path and flow.  So with the caveat not to make my experience into a prescriptive recipe, here is a sharing of the details so others can see an example of what one expression of juicing looks like.

The details

I did a one-day fast on a Tuesday, broke it Wednesday night, then started up again on Friday, May 25th.  I’m still fasting as of July 5th.  So depending on how you count that’s around 42 days. I’ve lost about 30 pounds of body weight in that time.  I feel open, clear, light, relaxed and energetic.  The compliments and comments I’m getting astound me – folks know I’m doing something different when they see me.

What I consumed

Drank freshly made fruit and vegetable juice one to four times a day.  Used the Omega 8003 which requires some chopping but is amazingly quiet and very efficient.

Drank freshly made vegetable broth on some days.  (Simmered potatoes, carrots, celery in filtered water for 30 minutes.  Strained and drank. Added in sea salt as desired.)

Drank pre-made organic vegetable broth on some days (when traveling)

The produce I used include was mostly organic but not always. My main drink was either based on carrots or apple and then I added in other stuff for variety.

Carrot, apple, celery, lemon (no peel), lime (no peel), cucumber, grapefruit, zucchini, beets, oranges with peel, kale, spinach, lettuces, pineapple, broccoli, grapes, parsley, peppers of all colors, berries, cranberries.


Took a liquid b complex some days.


Sat in the sun lots.  The warmth felt very good to me.  I noticed that my body temperature dropped a bit and I was cool when others were warm.

Detoxification support

Skin brushing, baths, ionic foot baths, and occasional saltwater enemas when the detox load felt high.


Drank water with fresh lemon juice and maple syrup when I needed extra liquid but I didn’t deliberately drink extra water at all.


No aspirin, advil, or any sort of drugs.  Used homeopathy for any headaches.  Had some intestinal clearing that responded well to homeopathy.

Exercise and sleep

I wasn’t exercising when I started this fast.  During this fast I did some light stretching, swimming, and walking.  On some days I walked about five miles.  I maintained my work load with the house, family, and clients. I was aware of resting when I was tired but it wasn’t a regular thing.   I was sleeping well when I started and continue to sleep well.

Coffee and caffeine

I had stopped all coffee and caffeine a few months earlier. I had one cup of coffee on a long drive home for the boost with no adverse affects.


I used one book by Paavo Airola as my main guide and read lots online. If something I read felt fearful or not useful, I ignored it. I paid strict attention to items that expanded my view of what was possible with fasting.

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