Centering after the election

Healing yourself, loving the world

The day after the U.S. presidential election

Like many of us, I’m still processing and integrating what’s happened. In the last 12 hours, I’ve worked through disbelief, grief, and fear and I know some others are doing the same. I have no doubt that something powerful and expansive is unfolding. I don’t see it but I know it.

Believe it or not, I’m feeling centered and relieved, even though I voted for Clinton. How is that? Thanks to some loving and thoughtful facebook posts by friends and colleagues, some chats with friends, and a bit of Abraham-Hicks talking about the election, I’m reminded of what I know and choose for myself, right now.

  1. I am very much looking forward to our first female president and will see that in my lifetime.
  2. I, and I alone, control how I feel, think and act.
  3. I chose to notice how I feel and let it evolve. Right now, I chose to feel compassionate, kind, and understanding.
  4. What is in front of me, in my life, day to day is what matters. My circle of influence, my power, is in the now, in my daily choices and actions with the people in my life.
  5. I’m honestly happy that there are voters today celebrating. I’m driving by Trump signs and sending those voters love and appreciation. They voted for a reason, something that mattered to them. Everyone does things for their own reasons. I see and honor those reasons and treat them with respect.
  6. There is a potential much larger than victim/perpetrator, male/female, power/weak. A potential of connection and inclusiveness and knowing. That’s the potential I’m embracing.

We each are having our responses to the last 12 hours. My wish is that we turn within, feel, notice, decide, and find our place of power and clarity. And then turn out and find allies and action that feel helpful.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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