Pressure in January

Healing yourself, loving the world

In the worlds of Gene Keys and Human Design, January 1st is not the time to start creating. The 41st archetype is the initiating energy, and that doesn’t come into the sun’s transit until around January 21st. As we look at the gene keys transited between January 1 and January 21, we can refine our resolutions for a more authentic expression of what we want.

Pressure between January 1 and January 21

So what’s happening between January 1 and January 21? We transit through four gene keys/gates, all located in pressure centers. The first two are in the root, the third in the head, the last back down in the root. That’s a lot of pressure! We move through:

  • The 38th with its shadow of struggle and gift of perseverance
  • The 54th with its shadow of greed and gift of aspiration
  • The 61st with its shadow of psychosis and gift of inspiration
  • The 60th with its shadow of limitation and gift of realism

Don’t be alarmed by the names of the shadows.  Rudd has chosen words that carry mystical and yet specific meanings.   The underlying frequency of all shadows are fear, yet all have served a purpose in our history.  We are now outgrowing them as we embrace them with love, compassion, and discernment.

Let’s refine our resolutions

In terms of any New Year resolutions you might be considering, look at what you wrote and give yourself the gift of these next two weeks to refine them and release any restrictive energy.  Specifically, in light of the four gene keys I named, ask yourself:

  • Am I trying too hard?
  • Am I being greedy?
  • Am I making goals based on my intellect and mind?
  • Am I making decisions based on old structures, models, and rules?

I invite you instead to consider instead:

  • What is the value I hold dear and how can that be expressed in my resolutions?
  • How can I expand while also including others?
  • What feels good to me?  What feels better?
  • Can I get to the heart of the matter and go for the essence of what I want?

The creative process is delicious indeed; if we set resolutions, goals, or intentions, I invite you to enjoy them, feel them based in unconditional love, and send a blast of creative energy into 2018!


Thanks to Sunday Cote of CSL Leesburg for her thoughts on affirmations in her Beyond Limits Class.

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