First spring energy event held!

Healing yourself, loving the world

This weekend I participated in the first annual Spring EFT and Energy Gathering held in New York.  Jondi Whitis of hosted it.  And many others worked to make it a success.

The gathering was significant for three different reasons.

Introducing family energetics

I presented my Family Energetics work in person for the first time and had my books with me. I sold out of books and the workshop was amazing, both people’s response to the work, and also the healing that happened in ways I didn’t expect.

Meeting my colleagues in person

When I was moderating the EFT general forum, I was part of a community of practitioners.  We met online and by phone but I hadn’t had the chance to connect with folks in person. At this gathering, I met folks I’ve known online for years.  It was beautiful to gather together in one place like that.   I’m very much aware that this desire to gather in person is a current increasing desire. I see it in other folks.  Look at Mary Ann Winiger and the human design folks gathering in Sedona.

Evolving ancestral healing

While working and talking with folks on ancestral healing and family energetics, I realized that at this point in time there is much interest in ancestral healing and it is part of our overall evolutionary flow, AND the field of ancestral healing has an energy and life of its own.  The healing and transformational potential are increasing.  It’s quite exciting to consider.

So I’m feeling very appreciative of the work we do together, the part we each play, and the deliciousness of meeting in person in different formats.  The heart-centered expansiveness of the folks who gathered, and all of you reading, is truly breath-taking.

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru

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Deborah Donndelinger

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