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When I first started blogging, it was as a new mother exploring motherhood and the all-so-important-at-the-time decisions that impacted my children and family. While this post on the controversial “vaccination decision” feels like a re-tread for me, I feel the need to complete my thoughts from a discussion started many years ago.

I’m long past having to make the decision to vaccinate my children. I’m clear as to what I’m doing, my state legally allows exemptions to vaccinations, and I feel well equipped to handle illnesses that might come my way. However, I’ve noticed the rhetoric heating up in the US with both sides pointing fingers at the other side and I have a few points I’d like to make to support parents’ informed choices.

  1. I’ve always said that if I chose not to vaccinate my children, that I must have good resources in case they get ill.  In my case, I use homeopathy which has a proven and well-established track record dealing successfully with illnesses.  I don’t not vaccinate and then with eyes closed, hope my children don’t get ill.  If they are exposed or show symptoms, I know exactly what to do and where to get help.  If you are choosing not to vaccinate, do you feel comfortable with your support network and health professionals?
  2. If I were going into an infected area, I would either get a homeopathic-based immunization or I would get a traditional one. In fact, if you want to read about a cost-effective and health-effective use of homeopathic vaccines, look into the 2007 use of homeopathic nosodes to prevent the lepto virus in Cuba.   Makes for some interesting reading.
  3. If you are one of the parents who’s seen vaccine damage in your child, I’m sorry.  I know the heartache, guilt, and anger you are feeling.  And it wasn’t your fault.  Now that you know the need to find different choices, I respect your commitment to finding alternatives to vaccines and healthcare.
  4. If you are one of those parents who lost a child or whose child suffered permanent damage because of a childhood illness, I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine the heartbreak and the rage that you are feeling.  I understand that choosing not to vaccinate feels irresponsible and dangerous to you. I honor the love you hold for your child.
  5. If you have healthy children, vaccinated,  I understand you perhaps might not understand all the dimensions of the debate.    I understand it feels like a responsible approach for your family and children. However, there is a wide range of sensitivity and predisposition within each person — we really can’t judge for others what’s correct for them.

We can learn from others’ experiences (both parents and health care providers), we can do our research, we can make the best choices out of available solutions, we can follow our intuition, and we can check in with trusted resources to make sure we aren’t being too limited in our thinking.  And we can see the underlying love parents have for their children that leads to making informed choices.

P.S. Tapping can help

If you are new to EFT, please to check it out as a tool for you.    Once we clear the stress from our past experiences, we can make better and well-informed decisions. I have some podcasts on this issue.

I can’t undo what happened to your child, but together we might be able to untangle the guilt and angst.

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